Saturday, January 3, 2009

Best of '08 and Happy New Year

Scroll down for some of the best mistakes pointed out here in '08 and for one more misspelling of Blagojevich's name that has reared its head, this one in an AFP article on After spelling the name correctly several times, the beleaguered governor's surname is spelled "Blogojevich" in the eleventh paragraph, as you can see below in the highlighted screen shot (click on the picture to see it enlarged). Once again, this mistake continues to confound the Proofreader because--quickly glance down at your keyboard--the A and O keys are at opposite ends of the keyboard. WTF? It's not like a typo where someone is going for the A and his finger glances off the A and accidentally hits the O key. And, of course, copy editors at AFP and Breitbart missed the mistake and allowed it to be published.

Well, enough about Blagojevich. There are probably countless more Blagojevich misspellings out there, but (believe it or not) the Proofreader doesn't have time to comb the Internet looking for them. Therefore, if you notice one that hasn't been pointed out yet, please e-mail it to the Proofreader.

Otherwise, please accept the Proofreader's thanks to the readers, commentators and followers of the blog and best wishes for a happy new year. And, if you're new to the blog, here's a list of some of the better mistakes posted here in 2008 that you might've missed.

There's this weird, 19 year-old mistake that occurred in The New York Times and The Chicago Sun-Times on the same day.

There's this great, 12 year-old mistake in which a respected university spelled its own name wrong on the cover of a 1996 yearbook.

There's this spelling mistake on the cover of Metro New York newspaper.

There's this spelling blunder on some pet waste signs in Hoboken, New Jersey.

And there's all these misspellings of the word "governor" by respected media outlets.

There's also some other good stuff, so feel free to peruse the archives.

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