Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Misspelling Blagojevich Week: 9th Circle of Hell

Finally, Misspelling Blagojevich Week comes to an end. It's been a long and taxing week, nine days, not including the MLK holiday which was observed here. In fact, the series of posts became a burden for the Proofreader and resembled something like Dante's nine circles of hell. With that in mind, let's descend into the ninth and, thankfully, last circle of Blagojevich hell.

Today's Blagojevich bungling was found in a short item on the Web site of USA Today, posted on January 5th, 2009. The article is actually the opening of an article published on Reason Online, the companion to Reason magazine. In the article's third line, the Illinois governor's last name is spelled "Blogojevich's," in its possessive form, as you can see highlighted in the screen shots above and below. This blunder is a tag-team mistake, made by the editors at Reason and then also missed by editors at USA Today. Thus ends Misspelling Blagojevich Week here on the blog, though there are probably many other repeats of this mistake out there. Tomorrow we will return to regular programming. There are plenty more printed mistakes that shouldn't have been made in the queue.

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