Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rare Mistake on Slate

Now that Misspelling Blagojevich Week is officially history, it's time to resume pointing out other recent mistakes made by media professionals. Today's example is a minor typo from an online magazine that's a model of scintillating content, superb writing and impeccable copy editing. Alas, mistakes are even made by the best of them.

Adjust your view to the fourth item of the "Arts" drop-down menu in the screen shot above, taken on January 11th from Slate Magazine's Web site. As you can see, highlighted for your viewing convenience, the word "Heightsreviewed" lacks a space that would make it a phrase. The copy should read "Heights reviewed." This is a very minor mistake given that it occurred in a drop-down menu and on a Web site that is consistently well-written and mistake-free, but it's a mistake nonetheless and it shouldn't have been made.

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