Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Unnecessary Apostrophe In Fishbowl NY Posting

Let's take a brief hiatus from Misspelling Blagojevich Week to turn our attention to an unnecessary apostrophe that appeared in a post on the prominent media blog Fishbowl NY. It's not as wicked a scene as Sodom and Gomorrah burning, so you won't turn into a pillar of salt after looking at it, but the blunder does kind of sting the pupils.

In a post dated January 14th, an attempt at the word "lots" was made, but, instead, a possessive form of the Biblical character Lot is what readers got. "Lot's, yeah, it's what we got, I said remember that!" Wait, those aren't the lyrics to that song.

Anyway, direct your attention to the third word of the post's fourth line in the screen shot above and you'll see the sloppy copy, highlighted for your viewing convenience, staring you in the face. This is most definitely a mistake that should never have been made.

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