Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Medley of Blagojevich Misspellings

Okay, it's not a word that ever popped up on the old Speak & Spell, so many of the common folk are having problems spelling it on blogs, message boards, news comments sections, etc. But, wait. Shouldn't professional journalists be able to spell the name of Illinois Governor Rod. R. Blagojevich correctly?

Yes, they should be able to, but frequently they don't, as you can see in the screen shot above of an article dated December 11, 2008 on, which features two misspellings of the name, highlighted for your viewing convenience.

Granted, his wasn't a household name till a few weeks ago, but the guy has been in the news--and even leading the news--every day since. Pro fact checkers, copy editors, proofreaders: let's get on-point and spell the guy's name correctly. Enough slacking off. In fact, most news organizations don't make the mistake, which is laudable. But too many do.

We've seen it before and now you can see some more, from big-name media companies to small-name. This post features a medley of articles that incorrectly spell the governor's surname "Blogojevich" in headlines, decks and the bodies of articles. And in almost all cases, the name is spelled correctly elsewhere in the article. Really? Yep, really.

Here's a mistake in the headline of an article dated December 30, 2008 from, which has since been corrected.

Next, we have a misspelling in a Web exclusive opinion article dated December 12, 2008 on

To keep things "fair and balanced," a mistake in the deck of an article dated December 15, 2008 on

A mistake in the headline of an article dated December 17, 2008 on the Web site of The San Francisco Chronicle.

Another headline mistake from an article dated December 11, 2008 on the Web site of The New York Observer.

After getting it once right in the piece, here's a misspelling in the second-to-last line of an article dated December 12, 2008 on Yahoo! News. (The pics below are sans a good portion of the article's body)

And, finally, a mistake in the body of an article dated December 16, 2008 on the Web site of The L.A. Daily News.

Several of these mistakes have lingered online for multiple weeks. That's ample time for them to have been noticed and corrected, but for some reason that hasn't happened in most cases.


Brian said...

After reading a few of your articles I can see that you are very good at what you do.

I am amazed that the larger mistakes, like misspelling a governor's name, make it to final print.

Jenn of the Jungle said...

LOL... you'd have fun at my blog. My typing is poor at best. hunt and peck typer.

I just call him Blagobitch, makes it easier.

RoxiticusDH said...

People seem to like to mis-spell the governor's name by incorporating the word "BLOG." Coincidence? I think not!

Happy New Year, and welcome to BlogExplosion.


Scotty said...

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