Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oh My Governor!

In recent days, we've seen the spelling of the name "Blagojevich" butchered by several news organizations, some distinguished and some not so. Even more surprising, the correct spelling of the title of Blagojevich's office, "governor," has proven elusive for an abundance of writers and copy editors at a variety of news sources. This post features five more misspellings of "governor." Without further delay, the laundry list of highlighted screen shots along with links to the miscues follows.

The New York Daily News in a blog post dated December 17, 2008:

The Miami Herald in an article on its Web site dated November 12, 2008:

A double-bonus in The L.A. Daily News on its curiously-named political blog, "The Sausage Factory (is that supposed to be something like a sausage party?)." In the same line in which governor is misspelled, the name of L.A. is spelled "Los Angele" just six words later. WTF? Come on, writers and editors.

In the headline of an article on dated October 28, 2006:

And, finally, on the Web site of The Chicago Sun-Times in an article dated December 23, 2008:

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