Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Mistakes In Burress Coverage

Proofreaders love a front pager

It's one thing to see mistakes like those published yesterday on the Web site of The New York Times, but it's quite another thrill to see mistakes on something tangible that won't vanish into the ether, like the printed page. And it's infinitely more exciting to see that mistake on a tangible, printed page that happens to be a publication's cover, which is why today is so momentous. Above, please enjoy a spelling error on the front page of today's Metro New York newspaper (click on the picture to enlarge it).

The mistake once again comes amid coverage of what is a big story in New York City: the Plaxico Burress illegal possession of a firearm and accidental shooting saga. Metro's mistakes center on the spelling of the wide receiver's last name. Above, please direct your attention to the third column and the first word of the last line of the third paragraph, after "$100,000." The next word, "Burris," is a glaring mispelling of the player's last name in an article in which the name is spelled correctly three times before the mistake. That's a nice one and it's even repeated for you on the Metro Web site. (See below for a highlighted picture.)

If you have a copy of today's Metro New York, when you're finished enjoying the front page error, please turn to page 17 (or just scroll down if you don't have a copy) and behold another incorrect spelling of Burress's last name. At the top of the page, in the "Today's Debate" circle, the Metro editors pose the question, "Are the Giants better off without Burres?" Yep, one S on the end of Burress instead of the requisite two.

The Plaxico Burress story has been a gold mine for printed mistakes that should never have been made.

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