Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gothamist Fixes Mistake; Invoice In Mail

While some publications haven't responded at all (i.e., The Huffington Post, Chicago Sun-Times, etc.) to notification of their mistakes and some have been slow to respond (i.e., The New York Times), Gothamist editors were decidedly prompt in correcting their sloppy copy pointed out here yesterday. You'll notice in the screen shot (taken today) immediately below, and highlighted, that "nominated" has been added to the copy, confirming speculation made here yesterday. Compare it with the screen shot below, taken yesterday, in which the word is omitted from the text.

Curiously, despite the correction, there has been no public or private acknowledgement made to the Proofreader for alerting Gothamist editors to the slip-up. Nevertheless, an invoice for copy editing services will be in the mail to them shortly. Also interesting, according to an editor at Phillyist, Gothamist's sister Web site, the error was brought to Gothamist editors' attention quite some time ago, but was, for unknown reasons, never fixed. The Phillyist editor also advised that the "Proofreading Philly" column was launched in 2006.

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