Monday, December 1, 2008

Not As Bad As Shooting Yourself In The Leg

Small mistake in big NY sports story

A small typo and/or shoddy research resulting in a misspelling appears in an article dated December 1, 2008 on The New York Times Web site. The article is about a developing news story in New York City regarding the Football Giants' wide receiver Plaxico Burress, who shot himself in the leg a few nights ago while in a Manhattan nightclub.
The mistake, highlighted in the picture above, is a small one, but a mistake nonetheless. The article states that the shooting occurred at the "Latin Quarters" nightclub in midtown. However, the Radisson Hotel (which houses the club) Web site clearly refers to the venue as the "Latin Quarter," singular, not plural. And the nightclub's Web site refers to the place as "LQ."

Again, it's a minor mistake (several places on the Internet erroneously refer to the club as "Latin Quarters") in a rapidly developing story, so this isn't an egregious error, but it's one that probably shouldn't have been made since The Times, in a story dated November 30, managed to correctly reference the club's name. Also, it's a mistake that will probably be corrected shortly, so the Proofreader wanted to point it out quickly to get it on the record. Below is the original article as it appeared on The Times' Web site.

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