Monday, May 4, 2009

Kost Strikes Again

Whoa! The Proofreader's been on hiatus for a while--way too long--not due to any shortage of printed mistakes to point out; rather, a shortage of disposable time has plagued the Proofreader's ability to carry out his extra-curricular activities. Today's example was sent in by Midwest correspondent Stan Kost, who noticed an error in this article on the Web site of The Oregonian, published on April 19th.

As you can see in the highlighted screen shot above, the error occurred in the third line of the 37th paragraph. It's a letter jumble. "RKF" is supposed to read RFK (as in Robert. F. Kennedy), as it does in the preceding paragraph. The story is a sordid tale of deception, accusations and he-said, she-said surrounding a guy named Jeff Alan. The mistake is a minor one, but one that would've easily been averted with some competent proofreading, like that demonstrated by Mr. Kost. Stayed tuned for more mistakes reported by Midwest correspondent Stan Kost coming soon.