Thursday, March 26, 2009

Trifecta of Missing Spaces In The Atlantic

Urbane. Erudite. Sophisticated. Sloppy. Three of the four preceding words are fitting descriptions of The Atlantic, a monthly magazine that usually lives up to those laudatory adjectives. Sloppy, however, is the apt description for a recent article on the magazine's Web site titled "End Times." The article, about the potential demise of The New York Times, is eminently interesting and particularly frightening for the Proofreader, because The Times, while being the gold standard for reportage, is a vast source of printed mistakes that shouldn't have been made. Hopefully the article is intriguing and not prescient. Now, on to the mistakes.

As you can see in the above screen shot, the first error occurs in the last line of the twelfth paragraph. Notice the missing space between "The" and "Washington." Just below, in the first line of paragraph thirteen, there is a space missing between "The" and "New."

Adjust your view to the first line of the article's eighteenth and final paragraph to see The Atlantic complete the typo trifecta. This time a space is missing between the words "York" and "Times." The Atlantic is a quality magazine and hopefully these lapses by the copy department are an aberration and not a new rule.

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