Monday, March 16, 2009

Bad Ad Copy

In this economy, where people are eager to shed pounds, but increasingly reluctant to shed dollars, companies have less margin than usual to falter. Ad copy has got to be on-point and on-point it isn't in this online ad, for a Rachael Ray Diet.

As you can see in the screen shot highlighted above, the word guarantee was butchered by ad copy writers and editors. They misspelled it "guarentee." If they were trying to appear learned and distinguished, they could have gone with guaranty, a variant and accepted form of the word.

Also, a hyphen should be separating the words "money" and "back" rather than a space. Interestingly, the people behind this ad copy managed to correctly spell Rachael Ray's name, which, evidently, is no easy task. According to, in 2007, Rachael Ray's name was the second-most misspelled word or phrase typed into Yahoo Web searches. Yet, the correct spelling of guarantee still eluded these the ad. If you click on the banner ad, though, you'll be directed to this page, which features Rachael Ray's named misspelled "Rachel."

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