Tuesday, March 24, 2009

K-Rock Forgets Letter Then Changes Format

If you live in the New York City area and still haven't migrated to satellite radio, there's a good chance you've noticed a difference in the sound of 92.3 K-Rock, the famous FM rock radio station and former home of Howard Stern. And that's because the station changed its format from classic and grunge rock to vapid Top 40 on March 11th. Read the story about it on The New York Times' "Arts Beat" blog and keep your eyes peeled for at least two typos in the blog post (hint: look closely at graphs two and six).

As you can see in the highlighted screen shot above, taken just days before the format overhaul, K-Rock forgot to type an S in the last line of a story about why Robert Plant is reluctant to reunite with the surviving members of Led Zeppelin for what would no doubt be a kick-ass reunion tour. Evidently, K-Rock Web writers and editors, knowing the disappointing change was imminent, slacked off at their jobs. It's hard to blame them for this minor mistake, because it had to be a drag working those final days before the big change which has left Q104.3 and 101.9 as New York City's remaining FM rock radio stations.



I find NY radio to be quite lacking. There's no alt rock station, and now the best rock station is gone. Makes me more homesick for Philly and Radio 104.5!

J. Alfred Proofreader said...


It's surprisingly lacking and Philadelphia--inferior in many ways--has way better radio stations, just like it has way better sports teams!